FRONTIERS joins the Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA) Annual Conference

Saturday 8th February 2020. The DCU FRONTIERS team met with teachers at the Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA) Annual Conference which took place in the Explorium – Ireland’s National Sport and Science Centre. The expertise of the FRONTIERS consortium has produced demonstrators on gravitational waves, high energy physics, astronomy and cosmology. special relativity, non-accelerator physics and general physics.

The DCU team will run a workshop for Science teachers on March 4th to give practical ‘hands-on’ experience of the demonstrators. Project partners (EA, IASA, NUCLIO, EGO and PCCP)  in Greece, Portugal, Italy, France will also hold workshops over the next few months.

At today’s conference the DCU team tried out the G-Force 360 degree Loop Bike.  The ISTA Conference website is at

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