Expected Outcomes

Bringing together expertise from frontier scientific research and educational research in formal and informal science learning, along with user communities across Europe, the FRONTIERS consortium aims to demonstrate how Europe’s scientific infrastructures could provide powerful tools for scaling-up current pilot implementations for effective introduction of frontier science in the school curriculum and development of effective outreach programs.

The main results expected from the proposed project are:

  • The FRONTIERS Demonstrators, a series of innovative educational activities that offering access to unique scientific resources to teachers and students organized under a systematic pedagogical framework.
  • The FRONTIERS Community, a virtual learning community of teachers, students and researchers who will be involved in extended episodes of playful learning.
  • The FRONTIERS Community Support Environment will host the project’s communities while at the same time it will operate as a repository with unique educational resources.
  • The FRONTIERS Tool-Kit “Effective Ways of Introducing frontier science in Schools”, that will be available through the e-Twinning collaboration space to all European schools.

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